Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Paris Benedictines Obits and Notes

LXXXI. 1807. Anno Domini 1807 April 25th Departed this life our dear religious sister, Mother Mary Placid Brindle of the most blessed Trinity.

She was a truly pious and respectable Mother, very much endowed with the Spirit of our holy Rule. She had filled several offices, and the last was Mistress of Novices in which she gave real satisfaction to her Superiors. This dear Mother had bad health, and had been in a suffering state most part of her religious life, but was very remarkable for her constant attendance at Choir duties &c and within a week of her Death was found in the Morning on the Ground trying to dress herself, and in the utmost fear that she should not arrive in time at the Choir for Mattins.

She was much devoted to our blessed Lady. She retained all her senses until she had received the last Sacraments of the Church in a most devout manner, and although she suffered much when asked how she found herself gave this answer - Not amiss. Mother Mary Placid Brindle was the first Religious buried at Cannington, and interred in the Cave under the Chapel. She departed in great peace and apparent comfort - was about 68 years of age and 40 of Profession. Requiescat in Pace.