Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Regional Communities

Regions for analysis

map showing regions

Number of nuns in dataset with connections to each region

TotalBorn in regionMother associatedFather associatedEarliest entryLatest entry
East Anglia33914614222615991793
North East43921221134015991797
North West39419916427415991798
West Midlands26710913813216091793


  1. Only nuns with place associations by birth or parentage are included in the analysis.
  2. An individual nun may have associations with multiple places through her birth and her parents (the maximum number of associations for a single nun in the database is 5).
  3. An individual nun may have multiple associations with the same region or associations with more than one region.
  4. Consequently, all figures in this analysis are counts of associations rather than individuals.

Distribution of nuns with regional associations by convent

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