Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Gravelines PoorClares Register

109) Rouen 14th

Anno Domini (1640) the 8th of September made her holy Profess:


Sister Ellen Bradgshagh, now Call'd Sister Mary Ignatia, being Aged of 21 Years.

Anno Domini (1673) the 28th of December in our Convent of Jesus, Mary, Joseph of English Poor Clares in Rouen is most happily departed this life strengthened with all the Rights of our holy Mother the Church, our most Reverend Moth: Vicaress, Sister Mary Ignatia Bradgshagh, the 55th Year of her Age, & 34th since her entrance into holy Religion whereof she spent 5 in our Convent at Graveline & both there, & here, hath left singular examples of piety, virtue, & Zeal of Religious observance to the last moment of her life, being most indefatigable in all that 4 was for the service of the Holy Religion, & for her own advancement, & others in perfection. She was sueet, & humble in Conversation, & most Charitable to all, but that which gave the greatest luster to her vertues, was her high esteem, & practise of holy Obedience, with a most singular conformity to the divine will which was remarkable in her last Sickness which was of 10 Months, which she bore with infinite patience. For whose speedy enjoyment of eternal bliss, your Prayers are most humbly craved. Requiescat in Pace.