Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Gravelines PoorClares Register

Anno Domini (1647) the 3rd of November made her holy Profession Sister Elizabeth Anderton, now Call'd Sister Winifrid Frances being aged of 18 years,

Anno Domini (1700) the 23rd of April in our Convent of Nazareth of English Poor Clares in Graveline, is happily departed this Life, our Venerable Mother Jubilarian Sister Winifred Frances Anderton, the 73rd Year


of her Age & 54th of her holy Profession, all which time she render'd herself a Constant example of Regular discipline & strict observance of our Holy Rule, particularly animating us to a zealous practice of holy poverty, obedience, respect & submission to Superiors, Silence Recollection, & prayer, in which she was most assiduous & singularly devoted to the Royal prophet David, to whose honour she employed her thoughts & much time in reciting the Psalms, so that her conversation seem'd to be more divine than human, being seldom heard to speak an unnecessary word, her perseverant mortified pious Life, was finished by a happy death, of no other sickness than a pure decay of nature, tho was so sudden that she enjoy'd not those helps she might have had, wherefore I the more earnestly crave for her the assistance of your holy Prayers & Suffrages of Charity. Requiescat in Pace.