Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Gertrude Aston, in religion Mary Gertrude of the Annunciation.
Born: 1637 in Staffs.
Died: 18 Jun 1682 in Lierre, aged 45.

father: Sir Walter Aston 2nd lord Aston of Forfar of Tixall, Staffs
mother: Lady Mary Weston of Roxwell, Essex

Sepulchrines, Liège choir nun.
She entered 21 Dec 1658, aged 21.
She left Oct 1659 .
returned to England

Carmelites, Lierre choir nun.
She was clothed 25 May 1671, aged 32.

She professed 31 May 1672, aged 33. Her dowry was 5000 fl.

She was the aunt of Mary Somersett.
She was the cousin of Gertrude Persall, Elizabeth Weston, Frances Weston, Catherine Weston, Catherine Aston.
She was the great aunt of Margaret Aston.
She was the niece of Gertrude Thimelby.

grandfather: Sir Richard Weston 1st earl of Portland of Roxwell, Essex

Sources: Hallett, Lives: 211-13; Chap: 7; Liv-I: 135-45.

Family tree (Aston of Forfar)
Family tree (Weston)


...joining first the English Sepulchrines but was not happy and could not learn Latin (...) she went back to England after a year and met there a Carmelite father who taught her to pray mentally and advised her to read good books and after a pilgrimage to Montaigu decided to join the Carmelites

Her grandfather was the lord treasurer of England.