Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Using the Searches

The database contains details of 3900 nuns who entered 23 convents and the Mary Ward Institute during the period 1600 to 1800.

Three types of searches are available.

1. "Individual" - Searching for a specific nun?

  • The easiest way to find a specific nun such as Lucy Herbert is to search under "Individual". In the "Given name" box enter Lucy and under "Surname" enter Herbert.
  • Another way to find Lucy Herbert is to enter Herbert under "Surname". This will display a list of all the nuns on the database with the surname Herbert.
  • Unsure about the exact spelling of the surname, Herbert/Herburt? Enter Herb*. This will display a list of all the nuns with a surname beginning with the letters "Herb".
  • If there is more than one nun with the same name, they will be listed on the left: click on each name to reveal the details on the right.

2. "Surname"

  • Search for a "Surname" as above.
  • "Associated People" are also listed, such as parents and siblings.

3. "Convent"

  • The drop down box lists the convents on the database. Select a convent and click on search. This will display links to all the nuns at that convent from 1600-1800.
  • "Place Associations" enables you to search for connections with a specific location. For example, a search under "America" produces a list of 75 names.
  • "Occupation" enables you to search using a dropdown list, including job titles such as Abbess, Chantress etc.
  • "Professed after/before" enables you to confine your search to within specific dates.