Future Developments

The project has focussed on locating data regarding the members and their immediate families: the small section relating to cultural production is a work in progress, recording so far only what we have come across in our research. It needs further development particularly for the eighteenth century. Contributions are welcomed and should be sent via email.

Data regarding the careers of the members is often difficult to pin down: where we have been able to locate a date of election for a position that has been included. Often for the lower status occupations dates have not been recorded and information has been derived from obituaries, annals or similar texts. Movements between convents required formal consent and are more frequently recorded as a result. As more sources are consulted additional data will be added.

A bibliography of the books consulted in the course of creating the database will be published online shortly.

A glossary of monastic terms including posts of responsibility and spaces within the convent is planned.