Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Margaret Haydock, in religion Stanislas.
Born: in The Tagg, Cottam, Lancs.
Died: 11 Apr 1854 in Spetisbury, Dorset, aged 86.

father: George Haydock of Cottam, Lancs
mother: Anne Cottam of Bilsborrow, Lancs

Augustinians, Louvain choir nun.
She was clothed 1788, aged 21.

She professed 2 Feb 1790.

She was the kinswoman of Jane Haydock.
She was the great aunt of Jane Haydock.

brother: Rev George Leo Haydock biblical studies
brother: Rev James Haydock

Sources: AM augLv-4; Louvain convent list.

Family tree (Westby-Allen of Rossall-Worthington-Haydock)