Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Elizabeth Tyldesley, in religion Clare Mary Anna.
Died: 17 Feb 1654 in Gravelines, aged 67.

Entered St Omer's as a choir nun, then went to found Gravelines.

father: Thomas Tildesley Esq of Morley Hall and Myerscough Lodge, Lancs
mother: Elizabeth Anderton of Lostock, Lancs

Poor Clares, Gravelines choir nun.
She was clothed 3 Nov 1609.

She professed 3 Nov 1610, aged 24.

Infirmarian in 1612
Discreet in 1612
Abbess 1615 - 1654

dedicatee: The Life of Father Angel... trans R Rookwood, 1623
dedicatee: The practise of Christian workes..., trans T Everard, 1620
dedicatee: Life of our Blessed Lord & Saviour gathered out of St Bonaventure, Heigham, 1622
subject: portrait: see note below

She was the cousin of Ann Anderton, Dorothy Anderton, Elizabeth Anderton, Mary Anderton, Ellen Bradshaigh, Ann Bradshaigh, Elizabeth Bradshaigh.
She was the great aunt of Ann Tyldesley, Elizabeth Tyldesley, Dorothy Tyldesley.

nephew: Sir Thomas Tildesley of Morley Hall, Lancs

Sources: Gravelines Profession Book: 36-7; Gravelines MS Chronicle: 20, 141-64.

Family tree (Anderton of Lostock and Horwich)


Her nephew, Sir Thomas Tyldesley, who was killed fighting for the royalists in the Civil War, was patron of the martyr, Fr Ambrose Barlow OSB (ODNB).

Image facing p 36 in Profession Book.