Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Anne Stanley, in religion Scholastica.
Born: 1692 in Lancaster, Lancs.
Died: aft 1731 in Ghent.

father: Richard Stanley of Lancaster, Lancs
mother: Anna Culcheth Surname occurs as Kelchull in Dutch source of Culcheth, Lancs

Benedictines, Ghent choir nun.
She was clothed 8 Nov 1708, aged 16.

She professed 15 Oct 1709, aged 17.


She was the cousin of Anne Culcheth, Anne Trafford.
She was the niece of Frances Culcheth, Margarett Culcheth, Dorothy Culcheth, Jane Culcheth, Mary Culcheth.
She was the great niece of Ellenor Bradshaigh.

Sources: Ghent Annals: 54; RAG K2296: 8v, 19r.

Family tree (Bradshaigh of Haigh)


The Examination for this nun was conducted in Dutch, which explains the garbling of her mother's maiden name as Kelchull. She was undoubtedly Anne Culcheth of Culcheth, wife of Richard Stanley of Ecclestone, Staffs. Two of her brothers were Jesuits, as was her son Henry. The family pedigree was printed by Foley. For detail and source material see 'Townships: Culcheth', A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 4 (1911), pp. 156-166. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=41400 Date accessed: 01 February 2011.