Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Elizabeth Scarisbrick, in religion Barbara Ignatious.
Born: in Scarisbrick, Lancs.
Died: 5 Jan 1691 in Bruges, aged 38.

father: Edward Scarisbricke Esq of Scarisbrick, Lancs
mother: Frances Bradshaigh of Haigh, Lancs

Franciscans, Bruges choir nun.
She was clothed 29 Sep 1672, aged 20.

She professed 5 Nov 1673, aged 21.

She was the aunt of Katharine Ireland.
She was the great aunt of Elizabeth Anderton, Ann Scarisbrick, Elisabeth Scarisbrick, Mary Scarisbrick, Frances Scarisbrick, Anne Anderton.
She was the kinswoman of Ann Scarisbrick.
She was the cousin of Anne Massey, Ann Blundell, Helen Mascy, Ellenor Bradshaigh.
She was the niece of Ellen Bradshaigh, Ann Bradshaigh, Elizabeth Bradshaigh.

Sources: BC: 40; BD: 197-8; BP: 146.

Family tree (Bradshaigh of Haigh)
Family tree (Scarisbrick)