Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Mary Powdrell, in religion Mary of Jesus.
Born: in West Hallam, Derbys.
Died: 31 Dec/17 Nov 1696 in Lierre, aged 75.

father: John Powdrell Esq of West Hallam, Derbys
mother: Mary Stanford of Perry Hall, Warws

Carmelites, Antwerp choir nun.
She was clothed 9 Jul 1637.
She left 1648 to help found another convent.

Carmelites, Lierre choir nun.
She joined 1648 as a founder member.

She professed 16 Jul 1638, aged 18.

She was the cousin of Ann Anderton, Dorothy Anderton, Elizabeth Anderton, Mary Anderton, Dorothy Standford.
She was the niece of Frances Stamford.

Sources: Hardman: 61; Antwerp pb; Antwerp Annals: 353; Liv-I: 179-84.

Family tree (Leveson of Wolverhampton-Stanford of Perry Hall)
Family tree (Shelley of Michelgrove-Cotton of Warblington)


Mentioned in Hardman (1937), pp. 39.