Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Poor Clares, Rouen

namenational identityrole(s)date(s) of connectiondeathsourcesnotes
Anderton, Thomas, OSB Supply Confessor16711671Rouen Chronicle I p. 268during absence of James Price: nothing about nuns in Allanson 83.
Betham, John Supply Confessor1671, 16741709 AprRouen Chronicle I pp. 270, 295: Anstr III pp. 13-14.St Gregory's, Paris. Served during absence of James Price. Left money to Augustininan Paris in his will
Blount, Henry Tichbourne Chaplain & Extraord Conf1752-17591810 MarRouen Chronicle II p. 134, 156, 157: Rouen ADSM G 830: Forster p. 187: Anstr IV p. 39Came as Extraordinary in 1752: severed connection with Rouen 1759
CarpentierFrenchAsst Chaplain1668, 1677-1692 Rouen ADSM G 1289: Rouen Chronicle I pp. 178, 210, 212, 213celebrated masses, and heard confessions during plague; attached to the parish of St Nicaise, Rouen
Cary, Edward Extraord & Supply Conf1693-1703 & 1695-6prob 1711Forster p. 187; Anstr II pp. 47-8Supplied during Mr Trentham's absence in England
Clifford, William Supply Confessor 1670 Apr, ParisAnstr II pp. 62-4. Forster p. 186Mother Elizabeth nee Thimelby, white sister at Louvain LA059. Served during absence of James Price
Daniel, Edward Extraord. Conf17491765 MayForster p. 187; Anstr IV pp. 79-80dismissed as Chaplain 1749
Eliot, William Clifford temporary Confessor1674-771677 JanRouen Chronicle I pp. 246, 293, 299: Anstr II pp. 93-4Uncle of the Confessor Mr Price: served while the latter was in Rome
Giffard, Bonaventure Supply Conf1671, 1674, 16791734 MarForster p. 186: Anstr III pp. 67-75later bishop. Served during absence of James Price
Golding, John Bennet, OFMCap Extraord. Conf1663unkRouen Chronicle pp. 157, 189, 245 
Hinde, George Chaplain1740-17521752 AprRouen Chron II p. 119, 133: Anstr III pp. 102-3: Rouen ADSM G 834.Replaced Mr Trentham. Resigned on health grounds. diocese of London
Hinde, Francis Extraord. Conf1759-611810 DecForster p. 187; Anstr IV p. 136also at the Augustinians Bruges
Kennedy, Francis Confessor1750-17911791 JulRouen Chronicle II p. 133: Anstr. IV p. 162:Rouen ADSM G 835: Forster p. 187Confessor 42 years
King, Roger, alias Trentham Confessor1686-17421742 MarRouen Chronicle p. 299: Anstr III pp. 233-4 
Louis/Lewis, CapuchinFrenchConfessor1668 Rouen Chronicle I pp. 213, 217, 224, 226, 231heard confessions during plague
Manning, Robert Chaplain1719-201731 MarRouen Chronicle II pp. 79, 83: Anstr III p. 140also at Louvain Augustinians
Mather, James Chaplain before 1801 (prob.)Forster p. 187: Anstr IV p. 187 
Penketh, John Chaplain & Extraord Confessor1761-17851813 NovAnstr IV pp. 206-7: Rouen ADSM G 834left on account of deafness and went on English mission. Became Chaplain to the nuns at Hammersmith
Price, James Ordinary Confessor/Chaplain1667/8-16861697 JulAnstr III p. 176: Rouen Chronicle I pp. 194, 258, 268went to England for long periods. Retired through ill health
Rookwood, Robert Confessor1644-16681668 NovAnstr II pp. 271-2: Rouen Prof bk: Rouen Chronicle I pp. 173-182also at Gravelines for 18 years.
Sergeant, John Supply Confessor16741707Rouen Chronicle I p. 246: Anstr II pp. 280-9, Forster p. 186during absence of James Price
Strickland, John Extraord. Conf1749-501802 in ParisForster p. 187; Anstr IV pp. 263-4also Chaplain at Gravelines & to Canonesses at Louvain
Talbot, William, SJ Extraord. Confessor16451660 MayRouen Chronicle p. 62: McCoog 75 p. 309probably also at Benedictines Brussels
Taylor/MaylerIrish  1668Rouen Chronicle I pp. 177, 178appointed while awaiting Rookwood's successor
Todd, Anthony, alias Meynel Extraord. Conf1702/3-17461746 Nov Rouen Chronicle II p. 119: Anstr III p. 227: Rouen ADSM G 5060; ADSM G831-40: Forster p. 187Succeeded Cary as Extraord. Conf. in 1703. 
Trentham, Roger, alias King Confessor1686-17421742 MarRouen Chronicle I pp. 300, 326, Vol II pp. 52, 53, 81, 118, 121: ADSM G 5060: Anstr III pp. 233-4wrote account of nuns 1718. Several times in England because of his health.
Vestir Chaplain1668 Rouen Chronicle I p. 178