Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Poor Clares, Dunkirk

namerole(s)date(s) of connectiondeathsourcesnotes
Maire, William, alias ConyersChaplainbef. 1687-c.16951740 FebY 59: 60v: Anstr III p. 140later with M Ward Institute, Hammersmith
Edwards, Edmund 1688 Y 59:66r 
Digby, JosephConfessor1693-17081709Dunkirk Reg f 235: Anstr III p. 49 
Witham, Thomasconfessor? 1728 JanDunkirk Reg f 235: 
Francis, John, alias CaveChaplain1709-17291729 NovDunkirk Reg f 235: Anstr III p. 62 
Winckley, Thomas, alias ElstonConfessor1730-17401741 MarDunkirk Reg f 235: Y 61, 62:77: Anstr IV p. 306 
Lancaster, OswaldConfessor1742-17531753 NovDunkirk Reg f 235: Y 62:290: Anstr IV p. 167 
Wijke, James 1754-65 Y 62: 104 
Butler, Albanconfessor?  Dunkirk Reg f 235 
Apedaile, George 1767-851799 FebDunkirk Reg f 235: Y 69:250: Anstr IV p. 8Anstr. says allowed to accompany the nuns back to England where he died
Strickland, John, alias Mannock & Wrightchaplain17531802Anstr IV p. 263later at Louvain Augs
Jenison, Michael, alias Gray & GerardConfessoraft. 1662 Anstr II p. 169also at Gravelines & Benedictines Ghent & Dunkirk