Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Poor Clares, Aire

namerole(s)date(s) of connectiondeathsourcesnotes
Bernard, Paul, OFMConfessor1674, 1678 Franciscana pp. 40, 42 
Bix, Angelus of St Agnes, OFMConfessor16801695 JanFranciscana p. 42: Bellenger p. 40also served at Franciscans Bruges
Budden, Joseph, OFM 17261729 MayAire Reg.: Franciscana p. 300lay brother
Eyston, Bernard, OFMConfessor1683, 16911709 MayFranciscana pp. 44, 52: Necrology 300: Bellenger p. 58also served at Franciscans Bruges
Golding, George of St Barbara, OFMConfessor16811701Franciscana p. 43: Necrology 284: Bellenger p. 64Index gives Barnabas: Necrology Barbara
Hickins, Joseph, OFMConfessor17411773Franciscana p. 69: Bellenger p. 71also served at Franciscans Bruges: alternative spelling Hitchens not in Bellenger
Horn, Thomas, OFM 17261748Aire Reg.: Franciscana p. 309lay brother
Ingram, Joachim of St Anne, OFMConfessor1677Franciscana, p. 42: London Chapter 1677place supplied by Angelus Bix: also served at Franciscans Bruges 
Kington, Thomas Pacificus, OFMConfessorc.1790-981827Coghlan Letters, p. 385: Bellenger p. 78imprisoned but released to travel to England with the nuns: also confessor at Franciscans Bruges
Lawson, John Baptist, OFMConfessor1686 Franciscana p. 49not in Bellenger
Pora, Charles, OFMConfessor16711693 NovFranciscana p. 40: Necrology 280: Bellenger p. 98Confessor at Franciscans Bruges 1678
Tootell, John the Evangelist, OFMConfessor17221758 JunFranciscana p. 63: Necrology 313: Bellenger p. 116alternative spelling Tutall