Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Dominicans, Brussels

namenational identityrole(s)date(s) of connectiondeathsourcesnotes
Brittain, Thomas Lewis, OP Confessor1790-18271827 MayBellenger p. 43: Dominicana p. 136: Gumbley pp. 90-1Last Confessor in Brussels. He was also Confessor extr. of the English Benedictines in Brussels
Bullock, Raymond, OP Confessor1778-17891819 JunBellenger p. 44: Dominicana p. 135: Van Doninck, p. 472: Gumbley pp. 86-7He was also Confessor extr. of the English Benedictines in Brussels and of the English Carmelites in Hoogstraten (1784-1787)
Burgess, Edward Ambrose, OP Confessor1744-461747Gumbley p. 61 
Clarckson, John, OP Confessor1747-1750, 1759-17631763 MarBellenger p. 48: Dominicana p. 132: Van Doninck p. 467: Gumbley pp. 71-2 
Collins, William, OP Confessor1763-41776Gumbley p. 45 
Gibson, William Thomas, OP Confessor1717--17191724 JunBellenger p. 63: Dominicana p. 130: Van Doninck p. 462: Gumbley p. 54 
Greene, John Raymond, OP Confessor1712, 1719, 1722-26, 17321746 JulBellenger p. 65: Dominicana p. 131: Van Doninck p. 464: Gumbley p. 59He was also Confessor extr. of the English Benedictines in Brussels
Grymes, Ambrosius, alias Graham, OP Confessor1683-1698 to 1708?1719 FebBellenger p. 66: Dominicana p. 129: Van Doninck, p. 462: pp. 52-3also Graham
Hansbie, Joseph Morgan, OP Confessor1708-17111750 JunBellenger p. 68: Dominicana p. 131: Van Doninck, p. 464-465: Gumbley pp. 63-4Nephew of Sister Isabel Hansby (BD033) and Mary Hansby (LS096)
Lovett, Richard Albert, OP Confessor1738-421750Gumbley p. 60 
Lumsden, Alexander, OPScottishConfessor16871700Bellenger p. 84: Dominicana p. 128: Van Doninck p. 460: Gumbley 45-6 
Pecke, Henry, OP Assistant to the Confessoressor1697-17161716 DecDominicana p. 218: Van Doninck p. 461: Gumbley pp. 51-2Name also given as Packe
Teasdale, John Vincentius, OP Confessor1767-17791790 JanBellenger p. 114: Dominicana p. 133: Van Doninck pp. 468-69: Gumbley p. 76also at Benedictines Brussels
Wynter, Andrew, OP Confessor1721-471754Gumbley p. 66