Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Conceptionists, Paris

namenational identityrole(s)date(s) of connectiondeathsourcesnotes
Betham, John Confessor1684-16851709 Apr ParisDiary 32, 277 
Blackhall, GilbertScotConfessor1663 May-1664 Jan Diary 15, 16, 17occasional ceremonies 1665
Bovier, MauriceFrenchChaplain1739-42 Diary 110 
Brown[e], John, alias Heaton, SJ Spiritual Director1660 Diary 11nephew to Mother S Hawkins 
Brown[e], HenryIrishConfessor1666-68, 1669-80 Diary 18, 19,29removed because of poverty of convent
Cape, Peter Joseph, OFM Confessor1658 Diary 8, 277 
Christmass, Emmanuel Confessor1718-481748 MarDiary 76, 118, 278Undertook management of temporal concerns as well as being Confessor: see p. 119.
Corn[e], Charles Confessor1761-771777 NovDiary 147, 173Convert see p. 279. Assisted in both spiritual and temporal matters; see p. 173.
Daniel, William Confessor1748-611761 FebDiary 132, 143died aged 47
Erington, Charles Confessor1665-661666 SepDiary 17, 18died aged 29
Gildon, John, Dr Confessor1681-82 Feb.1700 AugDiary 277 
Godwin, Thomas, Dr Confessor16751688 NovDiary 30, 277 
Massey, John Confessor1695-17151715 AugDiary 44, 68-69Only resided with the nuns from 1699: see p. 48. In the Diary his christian name is almost always given as 'Dane'.
Todd, Anthony, alias Meynel Confessor1685-91 & 1695-981698 SepDiary 33, 41: Anstr III p. 227Resigned 1693 because of scandal p. 41: agreed to return when Saltmarsh called away.
Nelson, Bennet, OSB Confessor1658-59, 1663-641699 SepDiary 9, 14, 15, 16, 277interim Confessor in 1663 and 1664
PailléFrenchChaplain1706-261731 MayDiary 87buried in the church: benefactor
Perch, JohnEnglishConfessor1682-84 Diary 31, 32, 277, 278retired sick
Saltmarshe, George Confessor1691-951724c.Diary 39, 43Occasional Confessor at first: then appointed to replace Meynell. In 1695 left to serve at Pontoise.
Salvin, Peter, OSB ??16581675 JanDiary 9: Allanson p. 89Said Mass short time: also at Benedictines Paris from 1657 for 8 years.
Shelley, Thomas Confessor1778-1801c.1807 JanDiary 252, 277: Cedoz p. 315: Anstr III p. 241: 
Simmons, Edward, SJ Spiritual Director1668-71 Diary 19, 21gave the Spiritual Exercise: p. 411 says Foley reports him as Confessor at Pontoise in 1668, but not in Pontoise records.
Thimbleby, Richard, alias Ashby, SJ Spiritual Director1664-68 Diary 16, 18, 19interim Confessor in 1666 and 1668
Brathwayte, Robert, alias Tolson & Lawson Chaplain1658 Diary 9 
Tyrwhitt, William, alias Babthorpe Confessor1659-63 Diary 12, 13, 15 
Whitford, Charles Confessor1715-18 Diary 277Superior of the Scotch College
Smith, William unkn17611776 AprAnstr IV p. 251 
Warner, John, SJ Spiritual Director16711692 NovDiary 21 
FitzPatrick, SJ Chaplain1795 Cedoz pp. 309-10Said mass for three communities'