Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Bridgettines, Lisbon

namerole(s)date(s) of connectiondeathsourcesnotes
Foster, Seth, alias Joseph, Bridgettine (OSS)Confessor1584-16281628 MayMS Chantress Book: Fletcher Notebooks 
Smith, William, Bridgettine (OSS)Confessor1628-471647Fletcher Notebooks: Bellenger p. 109nephew of Seth Foster
Dimock, Charles, Bridgettine (OSS)Confessor1647-591659 SepFletcher Notebooks: Bellenger p. 56Dymock
Therwald/Thurwall, Robert, Bridgettine (OSS)Confessor1659-621662 JanFletcher Notebooks 
Therall/Thoral, Francis, alias Francis Benson, Bridgettine (OSS)Confessor 1686 Jan/FebFletcher Notebooks: Bellenger p. 115studied at English college, Lisbon
Griffin, George, Bridgettine (OSS)Confessor 1695 JunFletcher Notebooks: Bellenger p. 66Procurator 30 years: last Confessor Gen
Sulyard, Augustine, OSBConfessor1725-681768 JanBellenger 112: Allanson 197: PSF v 6 no1 1898 p398Allanson records Sulyard went to Lisbon in 1725, remaining there for the rest of his life.
Quynes/Quyneo, Bernard, OSBVicar1714-251731 SepAllanson online $CCCCLXXIII: Bellenger 100: PSF v 6 no1 1898 p398moved to Cambrai in 1727 and died there may have been Portuguese
Shaftoe, Benedict or William, OSBAsst. Confessorsome years1742 NovBellenger 106: Allanson 174: PSF v 6 no1 1898 p398St Edmund's, Paris
Wilcocks, Peter, OSBChaplain & Procurator1742-681776 MarBellenger 162: Allanson 206: PSF v 6 no1 1898 p398Last Benedictine Confessor
Carteret, Joseph or Francis, OSBConfessor17611783 SepBellenger 46: Allanson 210: PSF v 6 no1 1898 p398Allanson records he left the Mission in 1761 to go to Lisbon to assist Sulyard, but only stayed a year at most.
Mawdesley, WilliamConfessor1715-161733Bellenger 87: Anstr III p. 145 
Bishop, Dionysius, OSB 1725  appointed to Bridgettines in 1725 but died before he could go: Allanson 150