Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Benedictines, Ypres

namerole(s)date(s) of connectiondeathsourcesnotes
Lynch, Michael, OFMConfessor1726 Irish Dames Ypres p. 259 
Dallas, Ignatius William, SJConfessor and Spiritual Director1767-18071807 OctIrish Dames Ypres pp. 276-7, 293, 312-3: Holt p. 75 
O'Donnell, GermanusConfessor1688, 1701 BB Y 58 59v: Irish Dames Ypres pp. 220, 257, 274also at Benedictines Dunkirk
Green, Francis, alias Leander, OSB c.16771704Allanson p. 119also at Benedictines Dunkirk
Crosby, Joseph    also at Benedictines Dunkirk
Warner, JohnSpiritual Directorc. 1686 Irish Dames Ypres p. 79advised Abbess Butler OB019
Macmahon, HughChaplain 1712 NovIrish Dames Ypres p. 229