Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Benedictines, Pontoise

namerole(s)date(s) of connectiondeathsourcesnotes
Cartwrighttemp ConfessorFeb 1652 typescript Douaisent from Gravelines
Massey, Thomas, SJ?Chaplain/Confessor  typescript Douaisent from Paris
WalsinghamExtr. Confessor 1663 OctAnstr III p. 242: CRS Pontoise, p. 255 
Conniers, SJ?Confessor1652 CRS Pontoise, p. 259 
Barton? 1655 CRS Pontoise, pp. 262-3 
RedallChaplain1671 CRS Pontoise p. 268 
Hodges, JosephConfessor1729-bef 17321747Anstr IV pp. 138-9He occasioned some disturbance in the house and they were very glad to be quit of him.
Newsham, JamesConfessor17731825 JunAnstr IV p. 197: Grimbert p. 291briefly at Louvain and later at Antwerp
Wigmore, William, alias Campion, SJDirector/benefactor aft. 1649McCoog 74, p. 134: CRS Pontoise p. 255 
Digby, JohnChaplain/benefactor 1664 MarCRS Pontoise p. 255; Anstr II p. 85 John (2)Died at Pontoise
Clavering, ThomasChaplain1657-94 or 51695 JanGrimbert p. 291: Anstr II p. 60Died at Pontoise
Fennel, Edward   1731 OctGrimbert p. 291
Westhead, Henry, alias VertueConfessoraft 17481772 NovGrimbert p. 291: Anstr IV p. 295Died at Pontoise
Saltmarsh, George, alias PeterChaplain1695-97 Diary Blue Nuns p. 407 
Breers, LawrenceConfessor1697 Claire Walker, p. 138 also at Hoogstraten