Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Benedictines, Paris

namenational identityrole(s)date(s) of connectiondeathsourcesnotes
Anderton, Thomas, OSB for some time1671 JanSketch History p. 45from Allanson who describes him as 'perplexed with scruples and dissatisfied with his own acts', this seems an unlikely identification. 
Brewer, Bede or John, OSB Confessor1771-61822 AprAllanson pp. 300-8 
Brindle, Basil or John, OSB Confessor1779-821802 DecAllanson p. 271 
Catteral, Bennet or Alexander, OSB Director17831791 JulAllanson p. 232stayed not long
Corker, Maurus or James, OSB Confessor16891715 DecBellenger p. 61: Allanson 136Had to leave when elected Abbot at Lambpring
Cressy, Serenus or Hugh, OSB Confessor16521674 AugCRS p. 341: Sketch History p. 43: Allanson online $CCXLIII 
DaleyIrish short timeSketch History p. 46virtuous irish priest' but not accepted by nuns 
Edgeworth Confessor Extra.1789 CRS p. 399 
FountaineScottish 1 year c. 1662 Sketch History p. 45 
Francis, Placid or Alban, OSB Chaplain 1715 Jul not able to serve the nuns no mention of nuns in Allanson entry
Gibbon, Benet, OSB Confessorfrom 16981723 JanSketch History p. 47: Bellenger p. 63: Allanson p. 146: 
Hesketh, Jerome, OSB Confessor1675-8bef. 1697Bellenger p. 71 (gives 1693 death): Allanson 115-6: Sketch History p. 46 
Naylor, John or Placid, OSB Confessor1787 to French Revolution1795 JanBellenger 90: Allanson 235-6: Eaton p. 47 see Blue Nuns xvi 
Nelson, Bennet, OSB  up to 1675, 1688-91699 SepSketch History p. 46: Allansonhelped out': no mention of nuns in Allanson online $CCCXXXII
Pennington, Edmund, OSB Confessor1782-71794 JunAllanson p. 237 
Pettinger, Dunstan, OSB Vicar & Confessor1653-81665 AugSketch History p. 44: Allanson 76 
Price, Bernard or James, OSB Confessor16641669 MaySketch History p. 45: CRS p. 338Described as Secular in Colwich p. 43: sent to replace Salvin who was in England
Robinson, Robert or George, OSB Vicarc.1722-621762 MarAllansondied much respected by the nuns
Salvin, Peter, OSB Confessor1657-651675 JanBellenger 104: Allanson 89: Sketch History pp. 40, 44-5 
Shaftoe, Celestine, OSBConfessor1690-81721Sketch History p. 47: Allanson online $CCCCXXIXchosen by Corker to replace him: notes from convent ms 
Shirburne, Joseph, OSB  4 years supplied1697 AprBellenger 107: Sketch History pp. 45-6no mention of nuns in Allanson entry
Starkey, Hugo or Hugh, OSB Confessor1661, 1681-81688 FebBellenger 111: Allanson 102: Sketch History pp. 40, 45, 46Lost a leg in the English civil war.
Swinburne, Thomas, OSB Confessor1653-41667 JunSketch History p. 44: Bellenger 112: Allanson 78: 
Timperley, Gregory or Henry, OSB Chaplain 1709 DecSketch History p. 48: Allansonobtained permission to reside with the nuns where he died aged 78