Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Benedictines, Ghent

namerole(s)date(s) of connectiondeathsourcesnotes
Vincent, WilliamChaplain1624-1660 20 FebAnnals pp. 8, 37-8 
Green, Christopher, Sec+JesConfessor1656-581697 Nov at RomeAnnals p. 203: Anstr II p. 136: Bellenger p. 65 
Jenison, Michael, alias Gray & GerardChaplain1658-62unkn.Anstr II p. 169: Annals pp. 39-40also at Benedictines Dunkirk and Poor Clares Dunkirk and Gravelines
Chamberlain, FrancisConfessor1663-671667 at GhentAnnals pp. 37, 42: Anstr II p. 50: Bellenger p. 47 
Green, FrancisConfessor1667-1712 or 1716 Annals p. 203; Anstr II p. 137also Dunkirk see p. 28
Daniel, RichardConfessor1712-281753 or 4Anstr III p. 46 
Whetenhall, JamesConfessor1728-731773 MarAnnals pp. 66, 177: Anstr IV p. 297brother of Maura Whetenhall (BB194) see Chronicles Brussels p. 176
MacMahon, FChaplainbef 1782-aft 1790 Annals p. 72 
Blacoe, RobertConfessor1797-18111823Bellenger p. 40 
Knatchbull, Norton, SJDirector/Rectorc1630-1631 MarAnnals p. 9: McCoog p. 254