Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Benedictines, Cambrai

namenational identityrole(s)date(s) of connectiondeathsourcesnotes
Baker, Augustine or David, OSB Spiritual Director1623-331641 AugGuilday p. 279: Bellenger p. 35: Allanson p. 36 
Bishop, Denis or Dionysius or Bartholomew, OSB Vicar17021725 OctAllanson p. 150: Bellenger p. 40: Cambrai paper p. 14appointed to Bridgettines Lisbon, dut died before he could go.
Boylan, BartholomewIrishChaplain unk.Bellenger p. 42: Cambrai paper p. 14 
Compton, James or Bernard, OSB Confessor1778unk.Bellenger p. 50: Allanson p. 231No mention of connection with nuns in Allanson
Constable, Austin or Thomas, OSB Chaplain 1712Bellenger p. 50: Cambrai paper p. 14 
Daniel or Simpson, Bennet or John, OSB Asst to Lynch1769-751775 JulAllanson p. 205 
Fisher ?, John, poss Allanson 233, OSB Chaplain   Cambrai paper p. 14
Higginson, James, OSB Asst to Lynch1793-41835 DecAllanson online $DCCCXLVI: CRS Records 13, 16Arrived to help the elderly Walker: imprisoned for 18 months before regaining his liberty and leaving for England.
Hull, Francis, OSB Vicar1629-331645 DecBellenger p. 74: Allanson p. 44 
Lynch, Anselm or Francis, OSB Vicar1731-771777 MarBellenger p. 84: Allanson p. online $DCXVII: Cambrai paper p. 14Vicar for 42 years: ill health led him to receive assistants. Welsh wrote, 'He humoured the good Ladies in everything.'
Maihew, Edward, OSB Vicar1623-251625 SepAllanson p. 11 
Mallet or Jackson, Gregory or John, OSB Vicar1645-531681 SepAllanson online $CCLXX 
Meutisse, John, alias Northall, OSB Vicar1633-411666 MayAllanson pp. 77-8 
Moore, Augustine or James, OSB Vicarelected 17731775 JunAllanson p. 205did he decline?
Quyneo, Bernard, OSB Vicar1727-311731 SepAllanson online $CCCCLXXIIIleft Bridgettines 1725 after 'calumnies' were spread about his character. Died at Cambrai
Shaftoe, Placid, OSB Vicar1673-811681 NovBellenger p. 106: Allanson p. 100: Cambrai paper p. 14 
Sumpner, Charles, OSB Vicar1701-021702 JanAllanson pp. 150 & 117Probably Vicar to the nuns, but Allanson was not definite. Berriman who was appointed in 1701 declined the office.
Tatham, Cuthbert or James, OSB Vicar1685-17011718 AprAllanson online, $CCCCXIIIBecame Vicar to the nuns when Francis Muttlebury refused to accept office.
Walker, Augustin, OSB Vicar1790-Revolution1794 JanAllanson online $DCCXXIX: CRS Records pp. 13, 16Imprisoned with the nuns and died as a result of harsh treatment.
Welch, Thomas, OSB Vicar1775-17901790 AugAllanson online, $DCLV: Cambrai paper, p. 14: fn. Coghlan Letters p. 79came to assist Lynch, remained as Vicar on Lynch's death.
Wyche, Joseph, OSB Vicar1725-271727 FebAllanson pp. 152-3