Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Benedictines, Brussels

namenational identityrole(s)date(s) of connectiondeathsourcesnotes
Baldwin, William, SJ Confessor1600-101632 SepMcCoog 74 p. 110 
Blunstone/ Blundestone, Daniel or Robert Spiritual Direction1628-91657Chronicles p. 139: Bellenger p. 40: AAM REG 654.12 
Brittain, Thomas Lewis, OP Confessor Extra.17911827 MayBellenger p. 43: AAM REG 645.5: Gumbley pp. 90-1also at Dominicans Bruss.
Broughton, John, alias Crowther, OSB Confessor16491658 MarChronicles p. 143: REG 654.12: Allanson p. 65 
Bullock, Raymond, OP Confessor17781819 JunBellenger p. 44: Gumbley 86-7Replacing Father Underhill, in England (1778): also at Dominicans and Carmelites Hoogstraten
Celestine, Henry, SJ  c. 1623  Is this a form of name for Henry Silisdon (vere Bedingfield)? See Holt 75 p. 294
Chambers, Robert Chaplain1599-1628 Anstr I p. 70 
Champney, Anthony, alias Forester Confessor1628-37aft 1643Chronicles p. 139: Anstr I pp. 70-1 
Claybrook, William, alias John Hanmer  1637unk.Chronicles p. 143: Anstr II p. 61: Guilday p. 263 ref. to Weldon p185:Anstr says 'doubtful whether he was ever a priest': Bellenger p. 48 gives name only
Mileson, Richard, alias John Daniel, SJ Confessor Extra.1622-3 AAM REG 654.12: McCoog 75 p. 243 
de Cloriviere, Pierre-Joseph, alias Rivers, SJFrenchConfessor1770-741820 JanChronicles pp. 160, 197-9: http://www.jesuites.com/2012/08/cloriviere: AAM REG 654.12difficult to find English speaking priest
De Croo, Jean Baptiste, OP Confessor for the boarders, confessor for the nuns from 17941794 further details sought 
Fins, Christopher Confessor  AAM REG 654.12No other details
Flower, Charles, alias Waldegrave, SJ Spiritual Direction1624, 16511655 DecChronicles p. 139: Holt, CRS pp. 173-4: AAM REG 654.12Confessor of Ursula Hewicke
Gardiner, John, alias Bradford, SJ Spiritual Direction16281652 AugChronicles p. 139: Holt CRS 70 p. 188 
Greene, John, alias Raymond, OP Confessor Extr. 1741 JulBellenger p. 65: Gumbley p. 59also at Dominicans Bruss.
Holt, William, SJ Founder/benefactor 1599 MayChronicles p. 148: Holt CRS 70 p. 210 
Hurst Confessor  Bellenger p. 74Left in 1791 Possibly John or William
Kensington, probably Francis, alias Laithwaite, SJ  1624 McCoog, 75, p. 226 
Keynes, Alexander, alias Luttrell, Sec then SJ Chaplain1666-68Ghent 1713Anstr III p. 122 
Kinsmann, Michael, SJ Confessor Extrao.16721694 MayHolt CRS p. 213 
Kronkus    Chronicles p. 143: succeeded Claybrook/Hanmer c 1630s but no further details found 
Lusher, Edward, SJ Spiritual Direction1628, 291665 SepChronicles p. 139: Holt CRS pp. 235-6: AAM REG 654.12 
Middleton Spiritual Direction1627, 28 Chronicles p. 139: 
Mostinck Confessor1794 AAM REG 654.12No further details found
Newton, SJ Confessor Extr.1775 Chronicles pp. 197, 199,James Newton d. 1803: Edward Newton d. 1788
Norton, John, alias Knatchbull, SJ Spiritual Direction1622-31631 MarChronicles p. 139: Holt CRS 70 p. 254 
Palmes/r, Bernard, OSB  aft 16451663 DecChronicles p. 143: Allanson p. 71 
Plunkett, Albert/Gilbertus, alias Underhill, OP Confessor (Provisional)1775, 1778, 17791814Bellenger p. 97: AAM REG 645.: Gumbley pp. 85-65brother below: see Underhill
Plunkett, Robert Chaplain1780-90 Anstr IV p. 216Went to Maryland with Carmelites 1790: brother above
Port, Thomas, alias Layton, SJ Confessor extr.1629, 31, 361661 JanChronicles pp. 139, 144: REG 654.12: McCoog 75 p. 2701629 as confessor to Sr Renata Smith (probably BB164)
Pracid, Jeremiah or John, alias Cornwallis Confessor16721686 AprHolt CRS 70 p. 205 
Quintin, Robert, alias Prannell Chaplainaft 1649-bef 16681674 JanAnstr II p. 260] 
Scarisbrick, Francis, alias Neville, SJ Confessor1768-701789 JulAAM REG 654.12: Holt CRS 70 p. 221Buried at Sepulchrines Liege
Sharp, Robert Confessor 1684Anstr III p. 200: AAM REG - image no. 2AM096Left in 1683 for missions in England: died in London.
Talbot, William? Spiritual Directionc. 1628-9 Chronicles p. 139:Connected with Lusher: possibly William Talbot SJ see McCoog 75 p. 309
Teasdale, Vincent, OP Confessor Extr.17751790Gumbley p. 76: AAM REG 645.5also Confessor, English Dominicans, Brussels
Toussaint Chaplain1794  further details sought
Ward, Francis Confessor1622-3c. 1623Anstr II p. 336Assisted Chambers
Whitaker, Thomas, alias Martin Confessor1730-381778Anstr IV pp. 297-8Sister Elizabeth a Carmelite at Hoogstraten HC066
Willis, Thomas Chaplain1748-681768 MarChronicles p. 197: Anstr IV pp. 304-5Bequeathed 10 thousand florins to the convent in his will of 11 Mar 1767: also at Bruges Augustinians
Wilson, John, SJ Spiritual Direction1628 Chronicles p. 139: AAM REG 645.5No further details known
Woodford, Gabriel?, SJ Confessor Extr16531663Bellenger p. 124Confessor of D Scolastica, dying: probably Scholastica Smith [BB165] died 1660
Worsley Spiritual Direction   further details sought
Wright Spiritual Direction   further details sought