Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Augustinians, Louvain

namenational identityrole(s)date(s) of connectiondeathsourcesnotes
Fenn, John Chaplain/benefactor1609-16141614 DecChr 42, 53, 62, 67, 69, 89, 148: Hamilton V. 1, pp. 39-40: Anstr I p. 114brother was martyr, James Fenn: at St Ursula's from 1601.
Barnes, Stephen Chaplain/confessor1611-16521653 JanChr 138, 341, 344, 346, 381, 523, 527, 536: Hamilton V. 1, pp. 40-1: Anstr I p. 24also supplied in Bruges
White, Richard, alias Johnson Chaplain/confessor1652-16871687 JanChr 351-2, 377, 381, 395, 412, 413, 414, 419, 527, 632: Anstr II p. 349Anstr gives 1630 as date of arrival
Bolt, John organist/Chaplain1613-16401640 AugChr 144-6, 148, 466-9; Hamilton V. 1, pp. 42-3; Anstr II p. 32musician: also at Benedictines, Brussels
Worthington, Richard Chaplain/benefactor1652-16671667 JulChr 527, 626: Anstr II p. 365Came to Louvain as boarder
Morgan, John Chaplain1667-1670 Chr 627: Bellenger p. 89 (poss. MORG16)
Dimock, James Chaplain1670-1671 Chr 629: poss. Anstr III p. 50
Cannon Chaplain1677
Lynde, George Chaplain 1715Chr 635: Bellenger p. 82see Line: sick in last years
Somerset, Henry, alias Vaughan Chaplain1708-c. 1717 Anstr III p. 209
Berington, Simon, alias Woolrich Chaplain1713-17161755Anstr III p. 12: Bellenger p. 39left them suddenly and forbidden to return': Anstr.
Haydock, Gilbert Chaplain1716-17491749 SepChr 635: Anstr III p. 96
Melling, John Chaplain1716-17451745 MayChr 635: Anstr III p. 147
Stanley, John Chaplain1749-17701770 SepAnstr IV p. 256Anstr gives 1745 as date of appointment to Louvain
Bartlett, Edward Chaplainaft 17521782 JanAnstr IV p. 23died at St Monica's, Louvain
Strickland, John, alias Mannock & Wright Chaplain1772-17771804Anstr IV p. 263before this at PCs Dunkirk
Manning, Robert Chaplain1690-16921731 MarAnstr III p. 141also with PCs Rouen
Newsham, James Chaplain17711825 JunAnstr IV p. 197also went to Pontoise and later Antwerp
Catrow, Charles Chaplain1782-18041804 MarChr 652, 658-9: Anstr IV p. 58: Hoogstraten Annals 89:Anstr reports his appointment to Louvain as 1778.
Southworth, Ralph Chaplain1777-18041810 JulChr 659, 661: Anstr IV p. 251-2: Hoogstraten Annals 89:Anstr gives appointment to Louvain as 1782 when he became Asst. to Catrow. Moved to England with them.
Wadding, PeterIrishConfessor   Chr 351
Redman, John uncertainearly 17th cent. Hamilton V. 1 pp. 43-4 nephew of Margaret Clement:two John Redmans names in Bellenger p. 101
Hawarden, Edward  1761-1793 DecAnstr IV p. 133: Diary Blue Nuns p. 365Anstr reports he faced some opposition so came to the mission 1770. Diary Blue Nuns says left for Louvain and Brussels in 1770 & went on mission later.Sister entered Blue Nuns 1754 as lay sister, but left before profession.