Who were the Nuns?

A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Gravelines PoorClares Register

(87) Anno Domini 1630 the 19th of August made her holy Profession Sister Ann Bradshagh, now Call'd Sister Mary Anna, being aged of 18 Years,


Anno Domini 1666 the 8th of September in our Convent of Nazareth of English Poor Clares in Graveline, is most happily departed this Life, furnish'd with all the Rights of our holy Mother the Church, our dear sister, Sister Collett, Mary Ann Bradshagh, the 55th Year of her Age, & 37 of her holy Profession, all which time she most laudably spent in the true and constant practice of those vertues most sutable to her holy Vocation, being most exact in holy Obedience & in all other Observances, even to the least Cerimony of our holy Religion, to which she hath ever been a most beneficial Member, by her great Zeal, prudence & Charity, a patron of patience by her humble Conformity to the divine Will, in Suporting above the space of 20 years most painfull Infirmaties. For the Speediest rest of whose Soul we humbly beg the assistance of your holy Prayers. Requiescat in Pace.