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A Prosopographical study of the English Convents in exile 1600-1800

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Magdalen Bedingfield , in religion Magdalen of St Joseph.
Born: 1620 in Suffolk.
Died: 1683 in Antwerp, aged 63.


father: Francis Bedingfield Esq of Redlingfield, Suffolk
mother: Katherine Fortescue of Salden, Bucks

Carmelites, Antwerp choir nun.

She professed 7 Jun 1637, aged 17.

She was the great aunt of Agnes Bedingfield, Mary Bedingfield, Dorothy Bedingfield.
She was the aunt of Mary Bedingfield, Lucy Hamilton, Anne Hamilton, Catherine Hamilton.
She was the sister of Philippa Bedingfield, Margaret Bedingfield, Ann Bedingfield, Helen Bedingfield, Grace Bedingfield, Elizabeth Hamilton, Katherine Bedingfield , Frances Bedingfield, Maria Bedingfield, Winefrid Bedingfield.
She was the cousin of Margarita Bedingfield, Margaret Bedingfield, Mary Bedingfield, Anne Bedingfield , Jane Bedingfield , Margaret Downes , Helen Beaumont, Katherin Beaumont.
She was the niece of Mary Fortescue.

Sources: Antwerp pb; Antwerp Annals: 339-48.

Family tree (Bedingfield of Bedingfield and Redlingfield)
Family tree (Fortescue of Salden)


Sent by Anne Levison the Prioress to Dusseldorf and then recalled to Newbourgh: see account in Hoogstraten documents [image 489].